Albania is proud of mountain tourism, which is very popular not only with locals but also foreign tourists.

The geographical position of our country gives this opportunity, with its rugged and very picturesque landscape you can spend your holidays in quiet places, away from noise and traffic, enjoying the view and traditional food of different areas.

Here are some of the most popular places to visit and why you should definitely visit them! 😃

1.Thethi 🏕

Thethi is considered by many tourists as one of the most beautiful mountainous parts in all of Europe. Protected by the walls of majestic mountains, paved with meadows, beech forests and cold water springs, the mountainous tourist area of Thethi turns Albania into a potentially powerful place for mountain tourism in all seasons.

The grandeur of the untouched nature that this area offers starts with the presence of dense forests, where in addition to tall trees, the low vegetation with colorful and rare flowers of its kind clearly prevails.

2. Valbona 🏕

The clear water of the Valbona River, the beautiful natural environment and the tranquility make this area very attractive for holidays. Almost the entire 51 km of the river finds vacationers, who not only cool off in the clear water, but also hunt the rare trout of Valbona.

Valbona Valley is the most visited tourist area in the district of Tropoja, even one of the most visited in the Albanian Alps after the Thethi valley.

3. Lumi i Shalës 🏞

They may have told you very enthusiastically about the Shala River and shown you many panoramic photos. Nothing is overrated and the photos do not really capture all the beauty that this place has to offer.

If you have not yet visited, what do you expect? 🧐

The Shala River originates at the foot of the Albanian Alps. It has a length of 37 kilometers from the source at the top of Radohina to Koman. Shala River is a tourist destination for both foreign tourists and local vacationers, where most of them describe it as the pearl of the beauties of Koman and Albania.