Albania is becoming one of the most favorite places of foreign tourists, because the natural wealth that this country offers is so beautifully intertwined with the history, modern part and culture that characterizes this country.

Here are some of the reasons why you should definitely visit Albania? 😍

  • Geographic position  🌏

Albania has such a favorable geographical position to realize all types of tourism. Located in southern Europe, across the sea from Italy, on the Balkan Peninsula, here you can find the wonders of various natural resources.

  • Weather  🌞

Albania has a Mediterranean climate, where in the lowlands it almost never gets cold. On the other hand during the summer season in a good part of the cities we are dealing with a hot summer. July and August are usually the hottest months of the year. Quite nice places to relax in summer are also the mountains.

The best period for “sightseeing” remains spring and autumn. During these periods the colors of the vegetation are quite beautiful and attractive. During spring evenings it is quite pleasant to enjoy a coffee on the terraces of hotels in Tirana or the coast. On the south coast during September and October there may be warmth and temperature suitable for swimming in the sea. In mountainous regions the snow can fall from November to March and in some areas the winter can be even harsher. Mountain towns such as Kukes, Korca and Peshkopia stand out for cold weather during this time of year.

  • Beaches 🏖

To the south, near the Greek border, there are some beautiful coastal resorts including Saranda and Ksamil. To the north, less than an hour from the capital Tirana, is Durrës, a small port city with many beaches.

Ksamil is absolutely stunning. Its beaches boast crystal clear water, which you would be forgiven for when you thought it was the Caribbean. The sand was so fine and soft and the sunsets are fantastic.

  • Food and drinks 🥘🥂

With such a strong rural culture, where everyone grows their own food, you can imagine how fresh everything is.

Seafood in Albania is also excellent, and with a special Italian influence, combined with Albanian talent and tastes will make you enjoy foods that you may have never eaten before

  • Hospitality of Albanians 😊

Albanians are a very happy people, who are very fond of visitors. So if you have ever lost, do not be afraid to ask for help; there is always someone who speaks a little English who will be happy to point you in the right direction.